Digital Jukebox

Mame Cabinets have become pretty popular to restore the original retro-gaming that we all grew up on as kids. Popping quarters into machines for endless hours of enjoyment. So along came the Mame Emulator and older retro-gamers began building their dream machines as a new addition to their home or work place. A good Mame machine is the topic of any party hosted by its owner, plus a cool source of entertainment. So why not add MP3’s to the mix and have a Jukebox as well? As the cocktail drinks mix, friends can simply queue up their favorite songs and party the night away. That’s the reason for Digital Jukebox. Although Digital Jukebox was designed with Mame Cabinets in mind, it will work on any Windows based OS!

An ultra fast loading, full screen, MP3 Jukebox with many options can add spice to any party! With full digital counters of total songs, and songs queued, as well as nice digital displays to let you know what’s playing, even from across the room! Full ability to accept coins for song credits! Total tested songs were over 10,000 and it took less than 2 seconds to load the listing on a Pentium III 450. It also features a built-in screensavers which displays JPG images from a specified directory, warp starfield, and more. The screensaver time can also be adjusted.

Digital Jukebox has been tested on Win95, Win98, WinME, Vista, Win7, Win8.1, and Win10.




Here is a list of some features that Digital Jukebox offers:

  • Configuration Wizard ( CONFWIZ.EXE )
  • Support For HotRod / SlikStik / X-Arcade controllers. (See ReadMe.txt in zipfile)
    *** Specal thanks to Nelson Clark for the Pre-Made Key Mappings!!
  • Limited TouchScreen Monitor Support.
  • Ultra Fast MP3 Loading and Listing (no playlists needed!).
  • Sub-Directory Searching with sub-directory listing option
  • Digital and LED Style layout
  • Large Scrolling Marquee or Image of your choice.
  • 100% Keymapping configurable
  • Spectrum Analyzer and VU Meter Visuals
  • Volume Adjustment dial with volume position save
  • Letter Selector
  • Random Image (jpg,bmp,png and more!) screensaver with 29 transition effects
  • Warp Starfield Screensaver
  • Digi-Clock Screensaver
  • ID3 Tag supported
  • Album Covers Support
  • Shutdown PC on Exit option
  • 10 Band Equalizer
  • Vend Mode for accepting coins option with coin options
  • 3 Color Schemes with more to come!
  • Designed for 800×600 resolution or higher
    and much more!